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Apricot color Gloves with four rust color metal snaps
Fingerless leather Gloves with four rust color snap. Unisex
Apricot color gloves with four metal snaps in rust color
Lambskin leather in Apricot  color
apricot color Gloves in Large with three rust metal snaps
apricot color Gloves in Large with three rust metal snaps

Get your new spring-themed Gloves!

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Short Apricot Fingerless Leather Gloves

 Lamia Design Fingerless leather gloves are:

fashionable, stylish and very cozy to wear. I am using soft lambskin leather for my handmade Gloves. 

These Gloves are so  soft that you will not want to take them off again !! 


Lambskin Leather 

4 rust metal snaps

Lamia Design Gloves Size measurements:


Palm measurement  6.5 inch

wrist measurement:  6  inch to 7.5 inch


Palm measurement 7.5 inch

wrist measurement:  6.8  inch to 7.5 inch 


Palm measurement 8.5 

wrist measurement:  7.5  inch. to 8 inch 

 If you have any Question about Glove sizes or any other questions, please feel free to contact me.